Friday 18th November 2011 ‚Äď LONDON


For the first time in London, The Field Training & Lifestyle is proud to present a rare opportunity to refine your movement skills under the scrutiny of two of the world’s leading fitness and metabolic conditioning specialists. Over three intensive hours, renowned martial artists and coaches Scott Sonnon and  Alberto Gallazzi  will mark the inauguration  of  central  London’s  first  Circular Strength Training /Tacfit training venue by taking  a  group of no more than 12 people through a comprehensive overview   of the CST system.

Date: 18th November 2011

Time: 9am to 12pm

Address:                                                                                                              20 Enford Street, Marylebone, London, W1H 1DG


1. Joint mobility ‚Äúsuper-charge‚ÄĚ program which will act as a ‚Äústim pack‚ÄĚ to perform throughout the day, as a stand-alone energy generator, or as a ‚Äúbare minimum‚ÄĚ warm-up prior to more intense exercise.

2. Dynamic flow program, or ‚Äútactical gymnastics‚ÄĚ for basic to intermediate level fitness enthusiasts, ‚Äúclosing the chain‚ÄĚ on releasing immobility, restoring generative nutrition and lubrication throughout the body, as well as priming the core for higher intensity exercise. This will include locomotive as well as stationary movements.

3. Conduct a clubbell introduction to the primary casts ‚Äď swing, pendulum, arm cast ‚Äď and a short higher intensity workout.

4. Prasara yoga elements, focusing on deepening the connectivity of breath linked to movement, both intrinsically invisible / internal movements to release deeper tension, as well as extrinsically visibly / external movement transitioning between positions. Steps for basic to intermediate level yoga practitioners will be provided.

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